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Sushi Recipe Ebi Tempura Roll Method,Receipe,Material

Sushi Recipe Ebi Tempura Roll Method,Receipe,Material
Krenyes tasty crispy exterior and fresh in the middle. This sense which contains dried shrimp tempura sushi. You are guaranteed to be addictive because of its unique flavor.

3 pieces of shrimp tempura
30 g green asparagus, blansir
20 g green cucumber, cut lengthwise
10 ml of bottled mayonnaise
100 g sushi rice
15 ml of spicy thousand island sauce
bruised potato chips


* Prepare all ingredients.
* Prepare a roll of bamboo. Flatten the rice on top.
* Place the tempura, cucumber, asparagus, mayonnaise on one side.
* Roll with bamboo scrolls until solid.
* Sprinkle around it with potato chips until blended.
* Cut into 6 sections.
* Serve immediately.

For 1 roll @ 6 slices / pieces

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