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Resep Ikan | Pepes Ikan Sunda

Resep Ikan | Pepes Ikan Sunda
Pepes sliced fish marinated all-round complete it feels very natural. Savory fresh carp compete with the scent of green onion, lemongrass and bay leaves are fragrant.

2 tail (500 g) goldfish, clean
2 tsp salt
1 orange juice, take the water
banana leaf
Seasoning, sliced thin:
8 cm turmeric
3 cm galangal
4 bay leaves
2 stalks lemongrass
5 red onions
3 cloves garlic
2 pieces of red chilli
Cayenne pepper 8 pieces
2 pieces red tomatoes
20 basil leaves


* Marinate goldfish with salt and lime juice. Allow a few moments.
* Take a piece of banana leaf.
* Place the slices in the center of the spice.
* Place the fish on top, sprinkle with more chopped herbs.
* Wrap up the meeting, both sides hook.
* Steam in a steamer until done.
* Remove and drain.
* Bake until slightly dry briefly Pepes.
* Remove and serve.

For 4 people

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