Rabu, 22 September 2010

Resep Minuman | Mango Cheese Cup

Resep Minuman | Mango Cheese Cup

Mangoes are delicious combined with mucin was a soft cream cheese. Plus the sweet fragrance of fresh sour-sweet fruit, guaranteed addictive!

125 ml mango juice
15 g gelatine powder
100 ml cream cheese
150 ml plain yogurt
3 egg whites
50 g sugar
Sliced mango

How to prepare:

* Stir the mango juice and gelatine until dissolved. Team until translucent. Set aside.
* Beat the egg whites and sugar until stiff.
* Add the yogurt and cream cheese. Beat well.
* Pour the gelatine solution, mix well.
* Pour into serving glasses.
* Store in refrigerator until cold.
* Serve with a garnish of mango Irsan.

For four fruit

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