Sabtu, 25 September 2010

Resep Kue Bulan

Resep Kue Bulan
Leather Material:
250 gr flour
130 ml syrup
60 ml peanut oil
1 tsp water ash

Syrup Ingredients:
1 kg granulated sugar
750 ml water
1 piece of lemon, take the water

Material Content:
500 g lotus seeds, boiled with water to taste and blend until smooth
1 tablespoon water ash
350 gr sugar
2 tablespoons syrup
400 ml peanut oil
50 g walnuts
12 salted egg yolks


1. Syrup: Combine all ingredients, cook until thick, chill.
2. Skin: Mix the flour with the syrup, oil, water, ash, and knead until not sticky hands. Cover with damp towel. Rest 3 hours.
3. Contents: Heat the peanut oil with a little sugar, cooking so caramel, enter a lotus seed paste, water, ash, residual sugar, syrup and stir well. Pour peanut oil in small increments until well blended and can be formed, remove and let cool.
4. Enter the walnuts, stir, round dough content, give the middle with salted egg yolk and round it off again, take the dough skin, pipihkan, give the contents, round insert into the mold that sprinkled the flour, remove it.
5. Bake kurleb 15menit.

Material spread:
2 eggs mixed with water 1sdm, shake.

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