Senin, 06 September 2010

Resep Ramadhan | Ketupat Ketan

Resep Ramadhan | Ketupat Ketan
Ketupat glutinous or sticky rice savory taste typical of Sumatra fluffier it is cooked with coconut milk. Small diamond shapes that are guaranteed to make full and dense. Especially enjoyed the goat curry and beef rendang!

750 g glutinous rice fluffier, wash out
20 small pieces of skin diamond
3 liters of milk from the third peel grated coconut
1 teaspoon salt


* Soak glutinous rice in water 1 hour and then drain until quite dry.
* Fill each skin with rice up to a third diamond high diamond.
* Put the diamond in a wok / pan until soaked. Bubuhi salt.
* Cook over medium heat until the milk runs out, lumpy and mature. If you need to add hot water.
* Remove the diamond and drain until cool.
* Serve diamond with coconut milk and remaining crumbs.

For 20 pieces

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