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Makanan Sushi-Sei | Restoran Jepang Kelas Eksekutif

Makanan Sushi-Sei | Restoran Jepang Kelas Eksekutif

It turns out the Japanese restaurant also has an executive class - though not called that. One of them in Jakarta is Sushi-Sei. This is not the same and not Sushi-Tei which has targeted middle-class market. Not surprisingly, Sushi-Tei is more widely popular, while Sushi-Sei is only known by a few special customers. Sushi-Sei more for executives or upper-class clients.

Interior and spatial indeed support for the executive dining room - especially if the necessary special dining rooms for business talks. Guests who come dressed in proper order will also need not feel out of place when coming to dine here.

For his bento (set lunch / night in the box) only, the price at Sushi-Sei reach USD 220 thousand, including a beverage bottle. Una-Jyu don, a bowl of rice with grilled eel and sweet-savory worth USD 240 thousand. But do not worry about first. There's also why, noodles (ramen, udon, soba) to priced in the range of USD 60-98 thousands. To teisho-ku, set lunch (complete with rice, miso soup, pickles, etc.), it costs between USD 78-120 thousand.

My teisho There are also special called Sushi-Sei Set valued USD 300 thousand, consisting of: appetizers, two types of sashimi, a grilled fish, a fried, three kinds of sushi, and a choice of noodles.

For sushi, can be ordered separately. Nigiri sushi costs an average of USD 50 thousand (two pieces, local ingredients). Especially for the toro (tuna belly prime, imports of tuna belly), it costs USD 200 thousand. This one really must try. A truly special dining experience!

The executive order must have a more elaborate type of meal, such as kaiseki course which cost between Rp 600 thousand to $ 1 million per person. For the price of Rp 1 million per person, portion consists of: appetizer, clear soup, sliced raw fish (sashimi), grilled dish, deepfried fish, braised dish, the chef special course, and dessert. Very satisfied, and secured good

When ordering kaiseki course, be sure you spend enough time. You see, this is the kind of fine dining which, besides requiring time to prepare, also need to be presented by Galant. Very suitable for business-class power lunch conversation. (Bondan Winarno)

Plaza Senayan, floor 3 # 302C
Jl. Asia Afrika 8
Central Jakarta
021 5730928

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