Selasa, 24 Agustus 2010

Resep Ramadhan | Setup Pisang dan Buah Atap

Resep Ramadhan | Setup Pisang dan Buah Atap

Kepok of time cut down the banana plantation, the family was tired of the compote. Finally I made this setup. Well, it's also not to mention legit shaved ice!

5 kepok yellow bananas
250 g kolang-kaling/buah roof
500 ml water
1 pandan leaves
2 kaffir lime leaves
300 g brown sugar
100 g sugar
½ tbsp cornflour, dissolved in a little water


* Peel the bananas kepok, throw a little at both ends.
* Rinse and fro while knead for lost mucus. Drain.
* Cook the water with pandan leaves, lime leaves, brown sugar and granulated sugar until boiling and sugar has dissolved. Lift then filter.
* Bring to a boil again. Enter the to and fro, simmer until tender.
* Add the bananas, boiled again until bananas are tender. If you need to add hot water.
* Pour the starch solution, stirring until thick. Remove, let cool.
* Serve with ice cubes, if desired.

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