Jumat, 13 Agustus 2010

Resep Ramadhan | Tutty Frutty Chocolate Candy

Resep Ramadhan | Tutty Frutty Chocolate Candy

Ngabuburit can be used to make this delicious dish load. Easily made and can dry fruit stuffing according to taste. Its texture is soft, smooth, melted on the tongue!

1500 g of milk cooking chocolate, chopped
500 ml whipping cream
Mix 250 g of dried fruit (mixture of dried fruit)


* Tim milk chocolate until melted.
* Cook whipping cream until boiling, remove and let stand a few moments.
* Prepare a loaf pan or mold that has been coated with aluminum foil.
* Cut the dried fruit, then take half and sprinkle into the mold.
* Pour the chocolate mixture into the mold and evenly. Finally sprinkle the remaining dried fruit over chocolate and let cool.
* Cut the chocolate into small pieces and serve.

For 60 pieces

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