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Java Kitchen | Murah, Meriah, Top Markotop

Java Kitchen | Murah, Meriah, Top Markotop

This restaurant's name raises a question mark. Why not named Kitchen have Java or Java pawon? Why should use the name in English? Apparently, because the restaurants owned by people of Semarang is targeted to seize the Singapore market. Over there, there are already three outlets Java Kitchen. In Jakarta, the restaurant was scattered everywhere: Pondok Indah Mall, Mall Kelapa Gading, Mal Summarecon Serpong, Bumi Serpong Damai, Puri Indah Mall, even in the new Grand Indonesia.

Minimalist-style appearance. Approximately 40 seats are available is almost always full at dinner hour. Every time I go there, almost always I see a cone shaped awaiting orders picked up. Apparently, tumpeng Java Kitchen (USD 600 000 to 15 people) are already quite well known in this Kelapa Gading. In fact, at any Java Kitchen Singapore managed to "popularize" cone shaped - especially after the grandson of Lee Kuan Yew ordering cone to celebrate her birthday.

Menu mainstays include: oxtail soup, pomfret cobek, satay, fried rice langgi, rice lead, thanks to the rice, fried noodles java, lontong capgomeh, and others. This restaurant also features economical menu, for example: the price of rice rames Rp 28,000 per portion, including a choice of chicken or meat.

My choice for lunch both are known interference (USD 21 thousand), fried pomfret cobek (USD 30 thousand), fried satay (USD 29 thousand chickens, cows USD 33 thousand). Know his intervention Surabaya - can be considered as an appetizer - appear authentic. However, because many people in Jakarta do not like paste, then petisnya presented separately. In fact, with just paste it more kick.

Fried satay is also unique. Available in a choice of chicken or beef. A serving contains five puncture with a size big enough meat. Sauces from peanut, with generous slices of red onion. Both the chicken satay skewers and good-quality cattle. Meat is tender because of cuts to follow the fibers. Net from fat. Special peanut sauce - two thumbs up.

For dessert, available ice nuts, pomegranate ice, mixed ice, ice kopyor, and others. Everything is perfect for refreshing the mouth end to a tasty dish of Java. Do not forget, this restaurant also provides inter serviceability.

My general impression: all this restaurant-quality dish above average. Not outstanding, not to the same level nyuss mother - but special, and should not be underestimated. You can not go wrong, whatever your message here. Java Kitchen cooking quality at truly authentic Indonesian! (Bondan Winarno)

Authentic Indonesian Cuisine
Boulevard Raya Blok TN 2 no. 5
Kelapa Gading
021 4504050

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