Jumat, 30 Juli 2010

Resep Kue | Klappertaart Singkong Keju

Resep Kue | Klappertaart Singkong Keju

Actually had long wanted to make this klapper tarts. Since there is an incomplete material, especially a young coconut. New deh made this afternoon, when Razaan asleep. Why make it easy, try yuk!

This cake was first known as Nur El Razaan pregnant. IBHS purchased at a hospital cafeteria in one of the BSD. It seems sold classical klapper tarts, good really.

After more than a year finally Nur El making this cake. Nur El select the material for cassava cassava easy to get everywhere, especially in Indonesia. And Nur El klapper tarts have never read a recipe that uses ingredients cassava. Pake Pingin was young coconut water, too, but for fear Razaan wake like this is made live-cemplung bland. Be the recipe imitation of El Nur.

This klapper tarts nice to be enjoyed. without given any actual cheese was delicious. This most delicious cake eaten after introduction into the refrigerator.

1. 500 gr of peeled cassava after
2. Young coconut (which used the meat, scraped or grated) 350 gr.
3. 600 ml of liquid milk.
4. 4 egg yolk granules, shake loose.
5. Granulated sugar 100 gr.
6. Margarine 80 gr.
7. Vanilla powder 1 / 3 tsp.
8. Edam cheese flavor of processed cheese (grated) 200 gr.

For steaming cassava: the water sufficiently.

Smear of two pyrex pan size 20.5 X18, 2x5, 0 cm (aluminum foil container supply small size again in short supply): margarine.

1. Steamed cassava until cooked and tender, then puree. Set aside.
2. Mix milk, sugar, margarine, and mashed cassava. Cook until done.
3. Enter the young coconut meat, vanilla powder, and egg yolks. While continuously stirring to evenly. Cook until boiling.
4 Pour into pyrex baking dish that has been spread with margarine. Flatten and sprinkle with grated cheese. Put the pyrex container that had been given into the water (so the bottom klapper tarts not crusty).
5. Bake with oven (oven is heated first approximately 15 minutes at 150 degrees celsius) for about 30 minutes at 150 degrees celsius. Remove, leave to cool or heat the steam is lost.
6. Enter into the refrigerator. Once chilled ready to eat.

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