Rabu, 21 Juli 2010

RESEP Serabut Sosis Bakar

RESEP Serabut Sosis Bakar

Bored with the usual sausage, I deh try this egg sausage with a bandage. It seemed to be more tasty and my family really hooked.

6 beef sausages (frankfurters or fried sausage), cut into 4 parts
Sauce, stir together:
2 tablespoons BBQ sauce
½ tsp black pepper powder
Oil 2 tbsp olive oil / olive
Beaten egg, add a little water.
Cooking oil

How to Make:

- Enter the piece of sausage into the sauce, leave for 30 mins.
- Plugs every four pieces of sausage with a skewer satai.
- Grill over coals until slightly dry. Lift.
- Layer: Whisk whole eggs that have been mixed with water. Ciprat-kocokkan splash eggs into the hot oil using a three-prick skewers or forks.
- Lift with direct rolled up and played around with satai sausage until bandaged.

- Remove and serve warm.

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