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RESEP Krenyes Enak Croissant Keju a la Chef

RESEP Krenyes Enak Croissant Keju a la Chef

Bakery presents the open kitchen concept is still quite gress. There are a variety of European breads, cakes, and pastries that the drafting process can be viewed directly by visitors. A piece of cheese croissant and apple pie crunchy krenyes is guaranteed to be the favorite!

Chef's Kitchen is not really a new player in the field of bakery and pastry, because it has stood since 2006 earlier. Although it was originally a supplier to the bakery. But about three months ago, opened their first bakery outlets with a Chef's Kitchen Bakery and Pastry.

A few days ago I had the time to visit the Chef's Kitchen Bakery and Pastry. Rows of wooden rolling pins to decorate the front building which appears unique bakery. Once inside the nose immediately overpowered by the aroma of delicious bread and freshly baked cookies Christianity fragrant!

Collection bread bakery is arguably quite complete, there are regular sandwich bread, bun, ribbon bread, toast bread, baguette and croissants. Several other European breads such as bagels, pretzels, rye bread, bread plus a variety of healthy cereals were available. Call it Malty Pumpkin Seeds, Seeds Mapple Round, and Health Almond and Fruit Bread is one of the favorites.

I began to surround the glass display case containing a row of bread, cakes, and various pastries. Number of options could indeed create confusion, but ultimately the choice fell on a croissant cheese, tiramisu and a piece of Apple. While to drink a glass of fresh juice strawbbery.

Open kitchen concept unhindered glass allows me to see how their pastry chef is busy forming the dough and baking cookies. Hmm ... really felt like there was in the kitchen alone. Faint scent of the aroma of bread and cake is baked and out of the oven really tantalizing tastes!
Apparently, apple pie and croissants must wait warmed briefly to return. Petits fours while tiramisu presented in small dishes with a dewy stawberry juice. Yum ... intervening piece of tiramisu cream alternately with evaporated in the mouth.

Dessert Chef's Kitchen Italian version was apparently not made of layers of biscuits Savoiardi or lady's finger, but more like sponge cake layer. For the cream also did not use mascarpone cheese, so I think it's less 'kick' like Italian tiramisu.
But my disappointment successfully redeemed by a piece of croissant. This medium-sized croissant with a crispy exterior. When bitten by hmm ... krenyes-krenyes tasty, surprises in the form of shredded cheddar cheese on the part makes it chewy-crispy and yummy chewy. Butter scent that wafted out of her mouth could not stop munching.

Apple pie is usually made from fresh aple slices and cinnamon and brown sugar, here it contains a mixture of chocolate and apple slices. Pie is my favorite so direct. Pie shell gently with a sensation of fragrant aroma strong rhum. No wonder if a piece of apple pie just feels lacking. To neutralize the sweet taste, strawberry juice was not given any added sugar so relieving thirst that fit.

Various cakes and croissants at Chef's Kitchen Bakery and Pastry offered starting price of USD 10500.00 - USD 40000.00. Not only offering cake, bread, and pastry, for those who want to enjoy lunch or dinner menu is also available a variety of sandwiches with a variety of contents. Well, for you geeks bread please stop by here!

Chef's Kitchen Bakery and Pastry
Jl. Kemang Raya No.19
South Kemang
Tel: 021-7198866

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