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Tips Menyajikan Masakan Sunda Cara Minang

Tips Menyajikan Masakan Sunda Cara Minang

This simple restaurant has been popular for a long time. Throughout the opening hours, always seemed the cars were lined up on either side of the road near the house, never stopping his guest sign successive visit to here.

Rawi Simpang name is probably an abbreviation of the description of its location in the "cross-Ciawi Margonda." The owner, a mother of female pilgrim to Mecca with a thick gold jewelry and heavy, still sitting on the counter to greet guests.

Lots of food stalls that look like this in the whole Tatar Sunda, particularly in a crowded path, for example: RM Sindang Reret, RM favors, and others. They each have their fans. They present the Sundanese cuisine, but actually do not serve it in its pure futility. More precisely: Sunda presents a Minang cuisine aka fast food.

RM dishes popular in Simpang Rawi is vegetable mushrooms. Oyster mushrooms, white color and form broad, pan-fried with soy sauce flavor nuances. Kenyil-kenyil mushrooms. Other dishes I like here is a stew jengkol, with a nutty flavor jengkol.

I never count, but there seems to be more than 20 kinds of side dishes are shown in the table at any time. Fried chicken, fried carp, carp fries, obese (empal), tempeh / tofu, corn cakes, assorted Pepes (carp, anchovies, mushrooms, etc.), and more. If lucky, we get the side dishes that are still warm out of the frying pan. Abundant sauce and fresh vegetables are available at every table.

Placement of side dishes in abundance on every table - in my opinion - is the strategy of the owner to make the guests salivate and then impulsively extending his hand to achieve a variety of tempting dishes is presented. When the note is true, all serving high quality cuisine on average. Nothing really special. But, how merchandising (set meal at the table) is interesting is what makes people yearn for a typical dining experience at this shop.

Problem prices may potentially trigger a debate between us. Most people assume that for a simple restaurant like that, and with the quality and type of dish like that, it should need pricewith lower prices. For me, the principle is: no way, no price. I still think that prices in restaurants is appropriate. We need to appreciate the quality, right? (Bondan Winarno)

Simpang Rawi
Jl. Raya Puncak 442
Ciawi, Bogor
0251 8240509, 0811 118425

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