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Resep Krenyes Gurih Martabak Plus Rujak Cingur

Resep Krenyes Gurih Martabak Plus Rujak Cingur

In this legendary restaurant there serving food plus the East Javanese style that always makes miss home. Martabak a thin crispy skin to meat stuffing flavorful curry. Cingur rujak also spread a burst of aroma of shrimp paste with a chewy-chewy cingur soft. Yum-yum ... yummy!

Mirasari restaurants across the region this North Kemang I recall a typical homemade blended foods wholeheartedly. I used to come only to eat fried rice and tofu egg village. may be repeating a legendary delicacy of alternative a nice lunch.

Located at the bend of the road, restaurants that this area of shade and have a meal on the patio area and garden, complete with umbrella shade umbrellas. Styled restaurant with a homely style, circular wooden chair with a rectangular table to meet a wide hall. sevice almost everything is old.

The menu offered an ancient cuisine restaurant mainstay. There was fried rice with all its variations; beef, chicken, crab, seafood, and the village. Similarly, the noodles / bihun fried have almost the same variant. Ca water spinach, bean sprouts and vegetables in the menu capcay be reliable.

Cingur salad, pickles, ketoprak become guest favorites menu. Including fried tofu, and tofu egg plus martabak with three types of choice (chicken, beef and vegetables). Without hesitation Miqdaad repeating a favorite food; cingur salad, tofu egg plus martabak cows.

Martabak eat eggs almost always done at night. This is simply because traders martabak egg emergence night. This time as a lunch menu, served pretty martabak egg on a plate, complete with garnish steaming slices of cucumber, dill pickle acid plus spicy brown sauce.

Martabak a small curly surface, the contents are not too thick, it's fragrant smell of curry. Not too sharp but it was refreshing. After a piece of brown vinegar sauce doused martabak the contain sliced cayenne pepper, a bit flabby, it's just full of Sensai. There krenyes crisp, tender flesh and eggs and fragrant spicy curry bribed with fresh sour cucumber car, it's become more comfortable. Gee, no wonder if martabak Mirasari guest favorite.

What is unique, it looks cingur rujak view more elite. Fleetingly like gado-gado pestle for not 'medhok' or 'mlekoh' thick blackish cingur like a salad. Little brown bean sauce wrap vegetables in the form of water spinach, long beans, bean sprouts, cucumber, tofu, yam slices plus cingur (nose) cows.

Sweet taste of shrimp paste is not too nonjok, gently perfumed with the sweet taste that was not too strong. What is less spicy bite cabaiporch instead. Because of a generous splash of water and seasonings cingur feels soft then even this cingur rujak remain slippery demolished!

Tofu egg is known that a simple menu. Discounts know white omelet made with the tips of the curly brown very tempting. At the top are topping plua boiled bean sprouts and a sprinkling of chopped celery, onion fries. A thick peanut sauce which complemented know eggs typical of Surabaya.

Him very softly padded, knows a good sign of quality, fried with egg maturation seemed fitting so tasty crispy and fragrant. Thick nut spice gives a nice savory touch. The more complete just know the simple deliciousness of this dish!

Problem is relatively expensive price, a portion of beef martabak USD. 32500.00, a portion of salad cingur USD. 22500.00 and serving out the egg USD. 15000.00. However, if viewed from a fairly large portions and good food quality plus the legendary, bolah also occasionally drop by this restaurant. The proof, this restaurant was never empty or abandoned by fans.

Mirasari Restaurant
Jl. No.33 North Kemang
South Jakarta
Phone: 021-71793777, 71,790,133

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