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Resep Kue | Bolkus Zebra Batik

Resep Kue | Bolkus Zebra Batik

Confused utilize the remaining egg white? Try the following recipe, the result of prescription Bolkus modific Mocca Chocolate egg whites of his Bu Fatmah Bahalwan.

500 ml egg whites
200 gr sugar
1 tbsp emulsifier (I use SP)
1 teaspoon salt
1 tsp BP
200 gr flour
25 gr cornstarch
100 ml thick coconut milk
75 gr butter / margarine, melted
2 tablespoons SKM
Mocca pasta to taste


* Beat the egg whites, sugar, emulsifiers, salt, BP until thick & fluffy. Enter the flour and coconut milk powder, mix well.
* Pour the coconut milk, essence (not wear), butter and condensed liquid, mix well.
* For the dough into two parts: one who gave the pasta Mocca, let the other one white.
* Pour a small portion of white batter into greased 20 cm diameter tulband (basting with butter, thick), round baking pan, then turn the dough Mocca: middle batter is poured in white, then pour the white mixture, then batter Mocca, then overwritten again above dg white dough white .. .. .. Mocca continues alternately until the dough runs out, the last at the top to make the effect of "batik" wear his toothpick into the center of who outlined , the explanation .. .. Hopefully it's understandable .. , p)
* Then steam for wait 20 minutes, until cooked (do not forget to seal the lid on the pan clean cloth so that water vapor does not fall into the dough)

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