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Makanan Rendezvous | Kuliner di Chatter Box

Makanan Rendezvous | Kuliner di Chatter Box

The first time I knew Chatter Box about 30 years ago in Singapore - in a hotel at that time very popular among citizens of Indonesia. As the name implies, Chatter Box hang out indeed a nice place. Reasonable prices, too cozy place to chat casually with friends.

Chatter Box Sogo finally brought into Indonesia. Character Chatter Box fits with Sogo. When shopping mothers, fathers, casually hanging out in the Chatter Box, drinking coffee and reading newspapers, until the mothers finished shopping and join in the Chatter Box for a meal together.

Since it was known by the Indonesian travelers who frequent trips to Singapore, for the Chatter Box is easy enough to penetrate the Indonesian market. Now, Chatter Box already has six stores - five of which are in the mall.

In accordance with his character, Chatter Box displays the menu that are all-day dining. This means that whenever we come, there's always kind of food that is suitable for book - light food and heavy meals.

For example, while waiting for wife to shop, the husband can order a variety of appetizers (USD 25-76 thousand) as a snack, such as fried dumplings, nachos, spring rolls, fried tofu, or salad pasembur. Pasembur salad is a typical dish of Malaysia / Singapore is popular, especially among the Malays and Indians. It is a piece of fruit and various fried foods (bakwan fried shrimp peanut brittle, cakwe, etc.), doused with hot sauce brown sugar.

Mortar of International and Asian menu at the Chatter Box to make it a place of rendezvous (meeting) between the culinary seronok with culinary, friend with friend, and friends with culinary. Consider again his menu: chicken curry Arumugam (USD 42 thousand, nuances of India), braised beef in claypot (USD 42 thousand, nuance Tionghoa), prawn laksa (USD 55 thousand, tastes Melayu), chicken cordon bleu (USD 45 thousand , European tastes), and many more.

Lately, I find a suitable new menu and my passion, namely Braised Lamb Shank Hainanese (USD 95 thousand), served with savory rice Hainan. Glance seem very large portion, but in fact this same portion of oxtail soup. The difference, in this small goat thighs far less fat than the oxtail. Fresh savory broth also seemed not too greasy. Very tender, very tasty, very suegerrr. Suitable for lunch or dinner.

For dessert, available pomegranate ice, ice cingteng, ice mint, ice cincau green, and creme brulee (USD 18-25 thousand). Quite a lot of options. Each time came to taste the other. How nice! (Bondan Winarno)

Chatter Box
Sogo Plaza Senayan 5th floor
Jl. Asia Afrika 8
Central Jakarta
021 57900055

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