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MAKANAN | Amboi Sedap Nian Penang Prawn Mee

MAKANAN | Amboi Sedap Nian Penang Prawn Mee

Typical noodles Penang this one was really tempting. Reddish liquid with a strong sense of shrimp broth. Its contents are complete enough noodles soft, boiled eggs, shredded chicken, and shrimp. Enjoyed with a glass of tea ... hmm pull amboi delicious!

If you'd like to taste a row of typical Malaysian menu, stops by to this restaurant is the right decision. Judging from the name alone 'Penang Bistro' was predictable that this restaurant provides a variety of typical Malaysian menu. Moreover, these dishes are offered practically worth to try.

Recently, Penang Bistro opened its latest branch in the area of West Jakarta. Menus are offered at this new outlet not far different from the three other branches. It's just wide enough area of the restaurant with a few spots that immediately became a favorite of visitors.

Some menus, such as the Malay fried noodles noodles, Penang Laksa, Penang Prawn Mee, Char kway teow and Penang is a menu that is often ordered and became the mainstay of this restaurant. For appetizers the choice fell on Penang Radish, while Penang Prawn noodles and Mrs Rice Fats for the main course.

A glass of Iced Tea drag and thai tea are steamed that are served by direct attention. The tarik is presented with a glass of foam that passed his lips, while the Thai Iced tea appears more bright red-orange-brown. When eat hmm ... The second drink really fresh without excessive sweetness.

Penang daikon radish is comprised of spring rolls, bakwan shrimp, and fried tofu. The dish comes with two kinds of sauce, Hoisin sauce, a brownish color with sweet flavor and are a reddish sweet and sour sauce with a sour taste fresh, like chili Bangkok.

Bakwan tiny size with a shrimp on top. Bakwan Unlike Indonesia, Penang bakwan is apparently made from rice flour so directly krenyes when bitten. Then know fried wear out very fine soft silk, while the spring roll skin lobak know who wear filled with shredded radish and chicken meat. Faint smell of spices wafted ngohyong and sensitive when chew the radishes Penang. It feels good too especially when eat with sauces of fresh acids.

Penang Prawn Mee is my order expressed in a large white bowl sprinkled with fried onions. In Malaysia there, on this one popular noodle called Hokkien Prawn Mee or Prawn Mee. Usually this mee is sold as a street pavement to grade restaurants.

Not like laksa, a reddish liquid is presented without additional coconut milk. When inhaled that was felt on the tongue is the taste of shrimp broth is very strong. Slurpp ... amboi delicious! Mee was composed of vermicelli and yellow noodles with a soft chewy texture. While the shredded chicken, sliced boiled eggs, prawns and three more to add taste delights.

Mrs Rice Fat orders of my friends also apparently no less special. Savory rice dish which is placed repose surrounded by banana leaves, peanut sauce anchovies, egg omelette, sambal fish, curried chicken, potato dry, and sliced cucumber. Virtually portions are quite large.

Super-thin sliced potatoes so krenyes delicious, as well as mackerel fried slices of fish wrapped in chilli. Crispy exterior and fresh sweet sauces. Fluffier rice with a savory taste like rice because it is cooked using coconut milk Uduk.

To Penang Nyonya Prawn Nasi noodles and Fat, both valued USD 42000.00. While Penang Radish USD 33000.00 and 19000.00 USD for a glass of iced tea pull. Now, fans noodles please try!

Penang Bistro
Central Park Mall Lt.1
Tel: 021-56985333
Food Prices: start from U.S. $ 20000.00

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