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RESEP Kepiting Kam-Heong Mak Nyuss dari Seroeni

RESEP Kepiting Kam-Heong Mak Nyuss dari Seroeni

Seroeni is part of the S-2 - a one-stop eateries under one roof - featuring six food outlets / food court at one location. Inside the spacious, modern complex is found to Geisha Japanese Restaurant, Fleur's International Restaurant, Fiore Creamery (gelato), Moshi-Moshi Japanese Bread, Snow Monster (snow ice), and Seroeni Hybrid Parlour. Whatever your choice, it is likely to be found here.

Seroeni display-Malays serving Hybrid fine-dining in a charming setting. Very luxurious for the size of Semarang, although the prices are apparently the default is still very affordable. Imagine, a special crab dishes (about 500 grams of dead weight), only priced the price of Rp 119 thousand. Cooking shrimp on average USD 59 thousand. In Jakarta, crab and shrimp dishes at the stall tent was already equivalent to the price. Cooking is the most expensive in Seroeni labeled lobster price of Rp 225 thousand per serving.

The menu is very elaborate. For appetizers, available: Thai mango salad, octopus & seaweed salad, crispy honey, eel, Szechuan hot & sour soup, and others. Variety of shrimp dishes: golden nestum Prawn, mayonaisse prawn, crispy prawn with lemon sauce, lobster butter Salted egg. Cooked crab steamed or fried, such as: oatmeal crispy soft-shell crab, chili crab, Salted egg-butter crab, and others.

To ensure authenticity Hybrid cuisine, Seroeni hired a chef from Penang. Though, actually, in Malaysia is more famous Hybrid cuisine is precisely from Melaka. I was fortunate to have tasted the dish directly Chef Bob who was really Chef Bob is also very skillful use of various manual techniques of cooking.

One of Chef Bob is a mainstay recipes shrimp or crab sauce-heong camp. Chili sauce is similar, but darker colors and more polite Spicy level. Aroma and flavor blacan (ly), an intense but soft to be the main strength of this dish. Crab or shrimp fried quickly over high heat, then jerkyed with camp-heong sauce, spiked with curry leaves or the smell of fragrant bay Koja more to elevate the quality of this dish.

Hopefully, when you come to Seroeni later, the owner has provided to monitor the fried bread sauce mencocol-heong camp like that I recommend. (Bondan Winarno)

Peranakan Seroeni Parlour
Jl. Sisingamangaraja
Candi Baru, Semarang
024 8503344

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